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Penis Plus


Penis Plus

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Lengthening the penis without pain, without an operation, at any age with PENISPLUS+

See measurable results after only a few weeks!

Virility Health Ltd is an Authorised Suppliers of PENISPLUS+ Penis Enlarger

Show what you have !
Lengthening the penis without pain, without an operation, at any age with PENISPLUS+

All materials used are made of skin friendly nylon, medical silicone and fibres free of formaldehyde.

So that you too may have the desired success we would like to familiarize you a bit with PENISPLUS+. Take the time to relax and to look at the site.

Penis Plus Box

The advantages of PENISPLUS+ at a glance

  • Freely adjustable strength of pull.
  • No hard materials used.
  • No inflexible mechanisms.
  • No rods, no telescope technique.
  • No compromise.
  • PENISPLUS+ is soft, free of pain and proved to be effective.
  • No need for removal in order to interrupt the application for example in order to urinate.
  • Invisible even under tight clothing like jeans.
  • Full effect even if used while sitting.
  • Appropriate for any penis size and size of glans.
  • One year warranty.

Penis Plus - Application

PENISPLUS+ is worn totally discretely under your usual clothing PENISPLUS+ is worn totally discretely under your usual clothing and applies a steady pull to the penis. Shaft and glans are fixed with an elastic tape which is tied around the waist. By shortening or lengthening of this soft belt the strength of the pull may be adjusted individually.
During the Application the penis lies comfortable sideways close to the belly.
Montrez ce qui se cache en vous

All you need is PENISPLUS+PENISPLUS+ is suitable for every size of penis or size of glans.
The separation of tissue cells is achieved by stimulation and the forming of new cells is enhanced. In this manner the penis becomes longer and increases in thickness, however not diminishing in thickness.

Many men who have applied PENISPLUS+ report an enormously increased lustful sensation in their gland area.

Penis Plus Principles

Stretching body parts is a traditional custom with peoples living still in a natural environmentStretching body parts is a traditional custom with peoples living still in a natural environment.
PENISPLUS+ works according to a principle which must be regarded as a sensation in our western civilization although it has been used by primitive peoples for ages.

Historical background

Show what you have !The human body disposes of a mechanism which will grow new tissue cells in case of a strong stimulation in order to prevent lesions and injuries which may occur. This mechanism was first recognized by primitive peoples and applied for cult purposes like with ears , lips and for lengthening the penis. You can observe this wonderful mechanism daily with overweight people whose body surface increases manifold by the enormous increase in body weight.
This does not lead to thinner skin tissue. If then such a person looses a lot of weight the skin tissue will hang down like a "sheet". The body is unable to "retract" the tissue. Modern medicine uses the process of stretching with skin tissue on the back and in the hip area in order to obtain "sheets" of skin to be used in transplantations.

PENISPLUS+ uses this ancient and successful technique with modern technology, thus achieving pain-free penis elongation without the need for surgery

Karamojong in Nord-UgandaBy applying weights the Karamojong of N.Uganda and the holy sadhus of India have been able to achieve penis lengths of up to 45 centimetres ( cf Encyclopedia Britannica and STERN no 49/95 ) Whether you set such a high goal is up to you. In any case this proves effectively the principle which PENISPLUS+ applies.

Penis Plus - Test Study

PENISPLUS+ guarantees comfort and discretion.
At the rate of stretching for 3 - 4 hours per day growth is initiated after only a few weeks. If you apply it regularly the desired effect is visible and can be measured. You yourself determine the length of your penis by the duration of application.
Age of test person Penis length before Penis length after Growth
25 3.976 inch 5.118 inch 1.142 inch
39 5.630 inch 6.693 inch 1.063 inch
53 6.850 inch 7.677 inch 0.827 inch
57 3.346 inch 4.449 inch 1.260 inch
59 6.693 inch 7.638 inch 0.945 inch
PENISPLUS+ is simply worn underneath your clothes
*PENISPLUS+ was used 3-4 hours a day
*Measurements were taken in a flaccid state since measurement results vary according to erection phase. Growth is also visible and measurable in the erect state.
PENISPLUS* is simply worn under your clothes and does not get in the way whether you sit down or whether you are doing sports. You will know it but you are hardly going to feel it and nobody will notice your little secret.

Penis Plus FAQ

1 On what principle is PENISPLUS+ based ?
PENISPLUS+ functions according to the principle which is a sensation in our western civilization although that principle has been used by primitive peoples for centuries : The penis is pulled by stretching out of the body.
They achieved this by fixing weights to the penis for years.

Is that principle known to medical science ?
Yes. It is known that it stimulates the separation of cell tissue and enhances the formation of new tissue cells.

3 By how many centimetres can a penis be lengthened by PENISPLUS+ ?
Theoretically up to 40 – 45 centimetres . With the Karamojong and the Nuba in Central Africa penis lengths of up to 45 centimetres have been measured and this is well documented
( STERN of 30 November 1995 issue no.49 )
4 Is the penis increased even in the flaccid state ?
The penis is certainly increased in size also in the flaccid state. As with a spring the stretched penis does not revert to its original position.
5 How often must PENISPLUS+ be applied ?
PENISPLUS+ should be applied daily for at least 2 – 3 hours. If applied longer this will speed up the results.
6 Are the results achieved enduring ?
Starting with an application tgime of at least 8 months the result is permanent. The body tends to revert to the original size if the application time is up to 6 months.
7 Is there an age limit for the application of PENISPLUS+ ?
PENISPLUS+ can be applied at any age.
8 Is it possible that the application of PENISPLUS+ influences the erection ?
PENISPLUS+ excercizes a strong stimulation to the glans. The glans becomes more sensitive. Many customers describe more lustful erections.
9 Does the penis become thinner by the lengthening ?
The penis becomes even thicker in the glans are by lengthening . This is caused by the slightly increased inner pressure, effected by the slower flow of blood back from the glans to the body which in turn leads to a stimulation of growth in the glans tissue.
10 Is there a minimum size requirement while the penis is in a flaccid state?
The head of the penis is not very highly developed in some men. The bulge between the tip and the shaft is not large enough to hold the silicon loop securely. There is a risk that the loop might slip off during use. In cases like this, we recommend the Phallosan device’s suction-cup cuffs. This device can also help in “micropenis” cases. We suggest that you visit
11 What is the difference between lengthening the penis by PENISPLUS+ and a lengthening by an operation ?
By pull to the tendons and the tissue PENISPLUS+ stimulates the body to form new cells.The human body uses this process as a means of protection against possible lesions and injuries.In the case of an operation the tendons which fix the penis to the lower part of the pelvic bone are cut off and reconnected in a slightly lower position The penis is pulled from the body somewhat.
12 Is there a difference between the application of PENISPLUS+ and the applicatio
of a vacuum pump ?

PENISPLUS+ can be worn throughout the day under the clothing without being noticed. Even while you sit the effect is not diminished.PENISPLUS+ does get results for the period of its application. It has been scientifically proved that there is a direct correlation between the period of application and the increase in length. Vacuum pumps carry the risk that in case of too great a difference in pressure thrombosis in the penis may occur . This can only be removed by an operation.
13 Is it possible to wear PENISPLUS+ at night ?
PENISPLUS+ should not be worn at night because at night natural erections do occur.
14 What happens if I want to wear jeans or other tight fitting trousers ?
PENISPLUS+ is not visible, even under jeans or other tight fitting trousers. Only if you wear swimming trunks the belt would be recognized.
15 Are there side effects of other risks connected with the application of PENISPLUS+ ?
Until PENISPLUS+ has not had any negative side effects. You are wearing PENISPLUS+ at your own risk, however there is no concern if instructions are properly observed. Do not use PENISPLUS+ if you have an infection or an open wound on the penis or in the case of weak veins or weak intertexture. Also don’t apply PENISPLUS+ in case of the following circumstances:
while sleeping because at night natural erections do occur;
after drinking alcoholic beverages or after taking intoxicating drugs, painkillers, sleeping pills and tranquillizers because these interfere with the natural sensation of pain.
16 Have tests been made which document the success that can be achieved by the application of PENISPLUS+ ?
At the present time a randomized field study with the participation of a number of doctors is made in order to research scientifically the effect and the details of cell growth.
17 May anyone apply PENISPLUS+ just by himself ?
Yes, PENISPLUS+ may be applied by anyone just by himself without special knowledge being required.
18 Is it possible that the application of PENISPLUS+ leads to impotence ?
The application leads among other things to an enhancement of erectile functioning.
19 Is the belt washable ?
PENISPLUS+ can be washed at 95 °Fahrenheit. All parts which come into contact with skin have been tested for dangerous substances according to the Oekotex/100 norm.
20 What happens if there is a defect with one of the parts of PENISPLUS+ ?
PENISPLUS+ does warrant all parts up to 12 months. There is no warranty in case of improper use or if the parts have been washed at an excessive temperature.
21 How is PENISPLUS+ applied ?
The penis is put through a loop which is coated with soft foam rubber material.Then the belt is applied around the waist from the front to the back so that the other part of the belt reaches the loop with the glans of the penis. The belt is then connected to the two connecting tapes in order to facilitate the application of the belt.Now the glans is turned sideways so that the lower side of the glans is placed on the nylon plate. In this manner the loop of medical silicone which is now tied around the lower bulge of the glans has a better hold. This loop is then tightened until the glans is fixed without being „strangled“. The fixing tapes are then removed. The belt is tightened accordingly. The effect of the pull and the stimulus for growth enhancement begins.
22 Do I have to remove PENISPLUS+ while urinating ?
No, the device does not have to be removed while urinating. Only the glans is taken from the loop. The two fixing tapes which have been applied in the meantime prevent that the loop slides off.
23 Is it possible to leave the belt on while urinating ?
24 Is the application painful ?
The application is absolutely painless if the instructions are precisely observed.
25 If I have an erection while wearing PENISPLUS+ is that going to be painful ?
If there is an erection there is a certain pressure felt at the glans area.
26 Is the application of PENISPLUS+ able to rectify a curved penis ?
Since PENISPLUS+ is to be changed every two days as regards the direction in which the pull is to be applied it is ideal for the treatment of curved penises. The direction of pull should always be the opposite of the curving of the penis.
27 Is PENISPLUS+ worn to one side only ?
Every two days the direction of pull should be changed.
28 Starting at what time is a lengthening of the penis visible ?
The flaccid penis increases in size after about 4 weeks by the stretching that has been applied. As a spring the penis does not revert to his original size. This is not yet growth. It is a result of the stretching. After about 3 months the flaccid penis is between about 2,1 to 3.6 centimetres longer than before.
29 How long are the delivery times inside Germany?
Six to eight days for credit-card or COD orders
Six to eight days after the money has arrived on HGB AG’s bank account for orders by bank transfer
30 How much times takes delivery to Austria or Switzerland ?
6-8 days.
31 Is the package truly neutral ?
The package looks absolutely neutral. There are no graphics or phrases which suggest the contents.

Price: £89.00

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