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Quantum Ultimate Male Climax Enhancer

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Quantum Ultimate Male Climax Enhancer

Discounts Apply !

Buy Two and Save over 10% and a Money Back Guarantee

guaranteedAre you ready?

  • Triple the Duration and Intensity of your Orgasms
  • Increase the Volume of your Ejaculation
  • Reduce the Refactory Period and be ready for round two much faster

Multiply Your Orgasm Contractions and Volume in Days!

How would you like to:

  • double or even triple the duration and intensity of your orgasms?
  • increase the volume of your ejaculation to porn star levels?
  • reduce the "refactory period" and get ready for Round Two much faster?

Special Offer

Buy 2 Quantum Pills and Receive a 10% Discount and a Money Back Guarantee

Quantum Pills, the male climax enhancer, does all these things and more. The powerful herbal ingredients in Quantum Pills boost your performance to unbelievable levels.

Let's face it: your orgasms could be better. Like most guys, you've probably pondered the male orgasm and its limitations. Women's climaxes can last up to thirty seconds -- but, unless you're a Tantric master, your orgasm is over all too quickly. And afterwards, men have a "refractory period," during which it's impossible to have sex again.

Quantum Pills were developed by professionals with one goal in mind: stronger, longer-lasting orgasms. Quantum Pills help reduce the downtime between orgasms. Some men have even reported multiple orgasms -- and orgasms that last up to 30 seconds.

Recent developments in male enhancement have focused on erectile dysfunction. This is of course an important issue. But Quantum Pills is for men who want to enhance their sexual performance -- to experience more powerful orgasms and to increase the potency and virility of their ejaculations.

Semen volume has long been regarded as a sign of virility. Unfortunately, with age, the body's production of testosterone declines, and, all too often, sexual performance declines as well.

coupleQuantum Pills enable you to turbocharge your sex drive and performance. Yes, you can have the best sex ever. Why wait? Try Quantum Pills for 60 days risk-free!

How Quantum Pills Create the Ultimate Orgasm

In order to understand how Quantum Pills can maximize your pleasure and deliver the ultimate orgasm, you first must understand how the male orgasm works.

At the peak of sexual pleasure, a series of muscles contracts, including the pubococcygeus muscle (pc muscle), the ejaculatory ducts and muscles around the penis. These contractions deliver semen from the testicles through the ejaculatory ducts, through the penis. These contractions are intense and quick at first, but rapidly taper off until the entire quantity of semen is ejaculated.

These contractions are accompanied by an intense sensation of pleasure and release.

More volume = ultimate orgasm

By increasing the volume of both the volume of sperm and the fluids, generated by the prostate and testicles, which carry the sperm, Quantum Pills provide the body with a much larger payload of semen.

How much? Up to five times more than before.

This greatly increased volume of ejaculate doubles the duration of the male orgasm. Imagine - orgasms that last twice as long and are five times as intense!

Benefits beyond the ultimate orgasm

By boosting and toning the entire male reproductive system, Quantum Pills have effects far beyond simply providing the ultimate orgasm. Further benefits of Quantum Pills include:

  • Supercharged sex drive
  • Harder erections
  • Increased motility, quality and quantity of sperm

Ready to experience the ultimate orgasm? Prepared to unleash the porn star within? Order Quantum Pills now!


How do Quantum Pills work?

The potent herbs that make up the Quantum Pills formula do the following: increasing the body's circulation, thereby allowing for harder erections; stimulating increased production of testosterone, thus ramping up sexual desire and sexual endurance; and boosting the body's production of semen, which also increases sexual desire as well as the intensity and pleasure of orgasms (see The Ropes for more about this).

Each individual herbal ingredient contributes to the overall effect.

How do Quantum Pills measure up to other sexual enhancement formulas?

Quantum pills are the only volume pills or sexual enhancement formula that:

  • is based on a proven, formerly top-secret supplement
  • has been tested and approved by porn stars around the world
  • has an ironclad, no-hassles guarantee

coupleWhat is the daily dosage for best results?

Take two pills per day, with food, for best results.

Are there any side effects from this product?

Side effects are generally mild, but may include upset stomach and insomnia. If you experience more serious side effects, discontinue use immediately and see your doctor.

Most people do not experience significant side effects from a proper dosage of Quantum Pills.

What kind of results can I expect and when?

Within three weeks, you will notice the following:

  • supercharged sexual desire
  • rock-hard erections that last longer
  • up to 500% increase in ejaculation volume
  • amazingly long-lasting and intense orgasms

These effects will last as long as you continue regular, daily use of Quantum Pills.

How long should I use Quantum Pills?

For as long as you want the effects outlined above. Should you choose for some reason that you no longer want these great benefits, simply stop taking Quantum Pills. Effects will diminish and should be completely gone within 14 days.

Are the changes I experience permanent?

No. Unfortunately, the Quantum Pills formula requires a constant presence in the body to be effective. If you stop taking the pills, the effects will taper off within 14 days.

How do you ship my order? Is it discreet?

We ship in either a plain white padded envelope or a brown cardboard box dependant on size of order.

I have a health condition. Is it okay for me to take Quantum Pills?

You should always talk to your doctor before starting a new supplementation regime - especially if you have a health condition. Quantum Pills are a powerful formula and should be treated as such. So play it safe and talk to your doctor.

I am on prescription medications. Is it okay for me to take Quantum Pills?

Again - ask your doctor. Because Quantum Pills are such a powerful herbal formula, only your doctor can tell you whether or not they may cause an adverse interaction with your current prescription medications.

Will Quantum Pills make my penis larger?

guaranteedUnfortunately, no. Quantum Pills will make your erection slightly bigger and harder, but this is a function of increased circulation and arousal. Quantum Pills do not have a permanent effect on the size of the penis.

What exactly are the ingredients in Quantum Pills?

The ingredients are: L-Arginine , L-Lysine HCL, Maca root extract, Muaira Puama, Swedish flower pollen extract, Horny goat weed extract (standardized to 10% icarin), Catauba Bark, Ginkgo biloba extract (standardized to 24% flavoneglycosides and 6% terpenelactones), Zinc oxide.

What is the Money Back Guarantee

We offer a 60-day money-back guarantee. In the event that, for any reason, Quantum Pills do not provide you with better and longer lasting male orgasms, increased firmness of erection and enhanced libido, return the remainder for a full refund.

(Offer only available when you buy 2 bottles or more)

Product Amount Buy
1 x Quantum Ultimate Male Climax Enhancer - £36.60
2 x Quantum Ultimate Male Climax Enhancer
(10% Discount and a Money Back Guarantee) £65.88 - Save £7.32

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