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Hair loss or alopecia is a common problem for both men and women at any age, because it can contribute to the appearance of looking older than the chronological age.

If you are in that situation, you begin to notice that your hair is getting thinner and you are ready to do anything you can to prevent it. We have the solution for you. There is no way we are letting you go bald! You have already consulted all the treatments available for hair loss and you are still hesitating, feeling unsure about which one you should choose; but you know that time is running out and the more you wait the thinner your hair gets. If any of the above relates you then the laser comb Androhair is your solution.

The laser comb Androhair is a state-of-the-art hair loss treatment based on low level laser therapy, for both men and women who suffer from alopecia.

The laser comb Androhair offers the possibility to stop the hair loss process and even to grow some new hair if the follicles are not dead. It can also be used as a complement to hair transplant, and therefore makes your hair become stronger, healthier and shinier.

10 reasons to buy the laser comb Androhair:

  1. Effective The laser comb Androhair stops hair loss and helps its growth.
  2. Based on clinical studies.
  3. Easy to use (it is recommended to use the Androhair 3 times a week for around 10 to 15 minutes in order to get optimum results)
  4. Safety and Security (fulfills all laser products security international standards).
  5. Use it at the comfort of your home (no need to go to the hospital for hair loss treatment)
  6. Healthier and thicker hair with more volume.
  7. Better aspect of the hair (Improves the shine, the vitality and the looseness of your hair. Eliminate dandruff and itching)
  8. Wordwide use It is also designed to adapt to any electrical device.
  9. Ergonomic Designed for an easy use like a regular comb.
  10. Easy to buy Buy it directly from the comfort of your home.

The laser therapy or laser phototherapy treatment has been used in Europe for over thirty years and there have been no reported side effects regarding this treatment, which is painless and non-toxic.

Today, we can notice an increasing awareness and acceptance of Low Level Laser Therapy among practitioners all around the world and consumers are increasingly interested in this alternative treatment. The LLLT used in the Androhair laser comb is non-invasive and without any known side effects.

Laser Phototherapy

What is a Low Level Laser Therapy ?

Low Level Laser Therapy or Light Therapy is commonly abbreviated as LLLT. The laser energy produced by the Androhair is within the accepted level of LLLT. The Androhair laser comb uses a laser diode operating in the red portion of the visible color spectrum. Laser energy is different from natural light in several ways, it is monochromatic, which means all the energy is essentially one wavelength of color, whereas a light bulb produces a broad spectrum of light and energy waves. Laser energy is also collimated which means it is a tight beam of light energy that spreads or diverges only a little at great distances while a light bulb loses its brightness very quickly with distance.

ATP and laser light stimulation.

ATP and laser light stimulation.

Studies using specific wavelengths of certain lasers show increased activity in cell and bacterial cultures, probably the result of ATP production. The Androhair laser comb provides stimulating laser energy in what we believe is a two side approach to energize the weakened follicle, the hypothesis behind the Androhair's success combines increased vascularization and an increase in cellular metabolism. Laser energy has been demonstrated to increase the circulation of blood flow in the scalp. This increase in blood flow is crucial to promote a healthy hair follicle. The increase in blood flow brings the important nutrients into the follicle, while taking away harmful waste products used daily in personal care products such as DHT. The increase in ATP increases cellular metabolism and cellular activity. The hair follicle now has the building blocks and energy to transform from a weakened follicle to one that is healthy and capable of producing beautiful, thick healthy hair. The enhanced environment then in turn invigorates the hair follicle which produces healthier hair, prevents further hair loss

The Androhair laser comb works by stimulating the natural hair growing cycle. Hair follicles naturally grow in repeated cycles. One cycle can be broken down into three phases.

  • Anagen - Growing Phase
  • Catagen - Transitional Phase
  • Telogen - Resting Phase

Each hair passes through the phases independent of neighbouring hairs.

The objective of Laser PhotoTherapy for hair, as delivered through the Androhair laser comb, can be summarized through the following descriptions:

Growing hair from a live root.

A. Growing hair from a live root.

Androhair provides energy for a healthy growth.

In the "Growing Phase" or "Anagen Phase", each hair grows approximately one centimeter (1/2 inch) a month for a period of 2 to 8 years. The Androhair laser comb helps by giving energy to the hair growth process and producing healthier and fuller hair.

Weakened root with a thin hair.

B. Weakened root with a thin hair.

Androhair stimulates the growth of a healthier and thicker hair.

Termed "Vellus Hair" (light colored, short, fine "peach fuzz” hairs), Androhair laser comb helps these fine hairs by stimulating them to grow into thicker and more mature hair.

Live root in resting or renovation phase.

C. Live root in resting or renovation phase.

Androhair stimulates the root for a new growing cycle.

In the "resting phase" or "telogen phase", the hair stops growing and rests for 2 to 4 months and eventually falls out. The Androhair laser comb helps by stimulating re-growth of new hair.

The hair's life cycle continues until the root dies, at that moment there is nothing else to do but take care of what we have left of our hair.


The aim of this treatment is the stimulation of the hair cells, which results are the following:

  • Medical device that works for men and women.
  • Prevents or reduces hair loss.
  • Healthier, fuller, thicker and shinier hair.

We advise to use the laser comb Androhair on a 3 times a week basis during a 10 to 15 minutes period for optimum results.


Testimonies"It works and without side effects"

I was looking for solutions for my hair loss problem for years. Everybody told me about several treatments but they also kept telling me that hair loss was normal and that I shouldu2019t worry. But of course I was worried! I couldn’t manage to find a way to stop my alopecia, when a friend of mine told me about a laser phototherapy treatment used in clinics. I began to look for information and found that this treatment was the most effective and that now it existed under the form of a laser comb. When all the information I needed about the device was gathered, I went straight for the Androhair laser comb.

After two months of use I can say that I am very happy with the results I have got from the Androhair laser comb which has reduced my hair loss. Now I can feel my hair is thicker, fuller and healthier. It really works and without side-effects. I just don’t know how to thank you (Androhair) for such a change in my life. I recommend Androhair for everyone who is experiencing hair loss problems like I was.

Testimonies"My hair has become healthier"

I am 28 years old, I’ve always had hair loss problem and this has had a strong side-effect on my private life. I felt ill-at-ease and self-conscious. I did not have much success with women, my friends laughed at me, and all the “great” jokes were to be exclusively for me, well specifically about my lack of hair.

It has been no more than three months since I started using the laser comb (Androhair) and my hair is getting thicker and I can really feel it healthier. Of course the most important thing is that I don’t lose my hair anymore, and therefore I don’t have to worry anymore about it. I feel more confident about myself and more comfortable in my relationships. Everybody notices and people now respect me, it is like a rebirth, I’m myself again and not anymore the shy, insecure, and the bald person I was.

Testimonies"I'm not worried anymore"

I would like to thank Androhair for the great results I have obtained using their laser comb. My hair has never been this strong and never this healthy; now my hair does not fall out it used to be before, I knew about the Androhair laser comb. Just moving my hand through my hair I don’t leave a handfull of single hairs and neither after taking a shower and above all I’m no longer afraid that my husband fondles my head. Yes, I can definitely say that I am no longer worried about my hair thanks to Androhair.


Testimonies"My hair has been revitalized"

There comes a moment during a man’s life when his hair loses strength, the root gets weak and therefore the hair falls. I am actually going through that period; my hair has always been strong, I have never had forehead baldness when one day out of the blue my hair began to fall. Thanks to a friend of mine, I knew about the Androhair laser comb and from that very moment my hair has begun to get thicker and shinier.

Confidence Through Certification



To ensure quality and customer satisfaction, the Androhair laser comb is an ISO 9001:2000 and ISO 13485:2003 certified medical device product. Certification to ISO standards assures customers that the Androhair laser comb operates a Quality Management System in accordance with the International Standards Organization.
ISO13485 | ISO9001

All manufacturing processes are state-of-the-art including sonic welding (shown above) and ISO Quality Assured.

In addition, the Androhair laser comb has earned CE certification for conformity with the essential health and safety requirements set out in European Directives. The CE marking refers to the safety of a product and CE certification is another major clearance by the Androhair laser comb as being safe for use by consumers.


Warnings and Precautions :

Electrical Safety

Basic safety precautions should be followed when using the Androhair laser comb or any other electrical device, especially when children are present.

Laser Safety

Laser Safety

  • Caution - use of controls or adjustments or performance of procedures other than those specified herein may result in hazardous radiation exposure.
  • Do not stare directly at the laser light or its reflection off of a mirror-like surface (as this can act like a direct beam on the eye).
  • Do not shine the laser light in or around your eyes.
  • Keep out of reach of children. Do not allow minors to use lasers.
  • Never shine a laser at anyone.
  • Only use directions, cleaning methods and operating procedures specified in the user manual.
  • The use of magnifying optical instruments with the Androhair laser comb can cause eye danger if the laser is shined directly into the eye.
  • The following laser safety label can be found on the Androhair laser comb.

Price: £156.00

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