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Testosterone Gel is a penetrative water-based, quick-dissolving gel which can be rubbed into most major muscles to enhance and assist their growth. Testosterone gel active ingredients are absorbed through the skin and the small capillaries underneath the skin. Testosterone Gel has been extensively researched and tested on subjects with results varying from "noticeable to significant" muscle enhancement. Testosterone Gel is not a miracle cream which can be rubbed by sedentary individuals to make them look like the Hulk. This is a unique formula to assist those already engaged in physical activity. If you are training with weights and working out, you can use Testosterone Gel to further enhance the look, size, strength and recovery periods for your muscles and to protect them. Take a closer look at Testosterone Gel: * 4500mg of ingredients per tube to increase muscle building male hormones * Unique blend of amino acids to increase blood flow, speed up muscle recovery and aid muscle growth * Exclusive water based penetrative formula without harmful additives * SLS and Paraben Free formula * Easy to apply, no mess SUGGESTED USE: Apply 1/2 teaspoon of gel daily for 21 days. Stop for one week then repeat. Apply 2 tsp of gel one hour before sexual activity or exercise. Both applications may be used in one day. Gel should always be applied to thin areas of skin such as behind the knees. Rotate locations.


  • Is a topical cream designed to bring safe natural ingredients directly to your system.
  • Advanced testosterone gel
  • Proven to support serum testosterone levels
  • Helps support muscle function & performance
  • Contributes to protein synthesis - essential for muscle growth

Is a topical crème designed to bring safe natural ingredients directly to your system.  This synergistic bio-available herb formula is in the highest quality, cleanest base available.  Our cold process manufacturing technique helps protect the potency so the powerful ingredients can combine to help revitalize the body.

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Testosterone Gel for Men (4 Fl Oz)

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