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Fat Complex Fat Complex Report FAQ Testimonials

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Chitin?

Chitin is a safe, functional food that helps the body naturally heal itself. Chitin has been around for centuries. At one time or another it has touched all of our lives, even yours. It’s found in crab, lobster, and shrimp shells. It is also found in the wings of butterflies and in mushrooms. But it wasn’t until the 1800’s that a French professor discovered this polysaccharide. Today, Chitin is the world’s second most abundant resource and is used for a large variety of applications.

What Does Chitin Do?

Chitin is used for a variety of applications. It is known to have the following qualities:, Anti-Viral, Anti-Bacterial, Anti-Fungal, Positively Charged Chitin is used around the world in the following areas:, Immunity, Fat and Cholesterol, Bandages & Wound Dressings, Digestion Aid, Allergies, Arthritis, High Blood Pressure, Surgical Sutures, Agriculture, Waste Treatment, Cosmetics, PackAgeing

How Much Fat can chitin absorb?

Chitin can absorb up to 12 times its weight in fat. It acts like a magnet, attracting fat, and trapping it like a scavenger with an insatiable appetite for fats. One 250mg tablet of chitin can attract, trap and rid the body of about 3 grams of fat.

Can I eat what I like and still not have the fat stick to my thighs, my stomach?

The secret of chitin is that it attracts fat like a magnet, traps it, and then expels it from the body. What is important is that the

What about shellfish allergies?

Chitin is non-allergenic. People with shellfish allergies are allergic to the meat, not the fibre in the shell.

How does chitin differ from other fibres, like cereals, or Metamucil?

Chitin and chitosan have the unique ability to attract and bind fat making it indigestible, especially animal fat.

There are many wonderful fibres that we eat such as oat bran, but chitin is unique in that it is magnetically attracted to fat, especially dangerous saturated fat. Chitin is the only fat binding fibre ever discovered. Chitin seeks out, attracts, traps, soaks up and binds fat stopping it from being digested. In fact, it is the only substance ever discovered that will bind excess fat like this.

This sounds too good to be true. I can eat the foods I normally eat?

I love prime rib, but I won’t have to worry about all that fat and adding weight and my cholesterol and triglycerides?
Not if you take chitin about 15 minutes before your meal. Just eat your chitin whenever you have a meal with fat. If you feel that you can’t resist that Big Mac with French fries, then take your chitin tablets. The fat will be expelled undigested and will never reach your waistline. It will also not enter your blood and be deposited in your arteries. The fat will never get into your system. It’s isolated, sequestered, bound up and expelled.

How do you stop fat from being digested by soaking it up?

Fat is the most difficult by far of the three sources of calories to digest. Of these three sources—proteins, carbohydrates and fat— fat that contains twice the calories per gram as protein or carbohydrates. Moreover, fat is very difficult to digest, and many digestive problems originate with the bodies inability to digest fats. When you take chitin , the enzymes responsible for digestion of fats cannot react with the fat to digest it. In the few hours it is in the body it simply is bound by the chitin, passes through the colon, and is excreted.

You can see this for yourself with a simple kitchen demonstration. When you mix chitin with any fat, especially saturated animal fat such as bacon grease, in water you can see for yourself how chitin soaks up and binds the fat. We invite you to try this yourself. See with your own eyes the process by which chitin works. Once bound, the chitin then passes through your colon and out.

Can I really eat what I like and lose weight?

The amazing, almost counter intuitive, characteristic of chitin as a dietary aide is that you are not required to change either your habit or your excercise routine to lose weight. If you do, then the weight loss will be dramatic, the effects stunning in a very short period of time.

What is even more important to your health is that once you have reached your weight goals, you can use chitin to maintain your desired weight. The most dangerous thing you can do to your body is yo-yo, up and down dieting. It is absolutely more dangerous for you to lose 30-50 lbs. on some fad diet and then put it back on again. The medical weight loss profession is rarely unanimous on any issue, but it does agree that yo-yo dieting is a killer, nothing is more dangerous to your long- term health. Let me repeat that: nothing is more dangerous to your health than yo-yo dieting, period!

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Fat Complex Fat Complex Report FAQ Testimonials
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