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Testosterone Booster & Penis Enlargement Aid

- If you are looking for a supplement that gives you higher testosterone levels and also helps increase the size of your penis (in combination with a penis enlargement device as f.e. AndroExtender) - then you should consider Andropharma Penis.

  • Improve Testosterone levels naturally
  • Improve sexual desire and stamina
  • Increase Penis Length and Girth

Andromedical is a herbal and nutritional formula which helps improve erections and sexual desire as well as accelerate the penis enlargement process.

You likely can identify with the wish of increased sexual desire, having better sexual life and stronger as well as longer lasting erections. This is the way to improved sexual life. Perhaps, you also wish for a larger penis and are even going through a penis enlargement treatment to achieve it. Andropharma Penis may improve and accelerate the results of such a treatment.

For all of these requirements Andromedical specialists have developed Andropharma Penis pills which help users obtain more libido, better quality erections with more sexual strength and speed up penis enlargement treatment by stimulating testosterone production.

The main objective of Andropharma health professionals and sex therapists is the development and improvement of men's sexual health, to help men recover their self-esteem, self-confidence and satisfaction.

The benefits of increased testosterone levels

Improvement of mental capacity and less fatigue, thanks to Tribulus terrestris, a plant and a powerful testosterone stimulator. Your body will stay fit and you will not feel tired. The aging process causes a decrease of the level of masculine hormones and this can cause fatigue. With continued action of Tribulus terrestris this feeling will disappear completely.

Increased Sexual Desire

Andropharma Penis may help to enhance your sexual desire as a result of the stimulation of glands that produce testosterone. This hormone stimulates the growth of external genitals, increases the production of semen and boosts sexual desire. So testosterone is considered a key element for men’s sexual development and sexuality.

Longer lasting Erections

The combination of Ginkgo biloba and Tribulus terrestris will stimulate your sexual senses.

You will have more pleasurable sex with stronger and long-lasting erections and a stronger sex drive. All this is a result of the increased vascularisation of the penis and the enhanced libido provided by the gain of testosterone.

Penis extender complement

Taking Andropharma Penis when undergoing a treatment with a penis extender (such as Andropenis) will help achieve penis enlargement faster. The supplement includes ingredients (such as zinc and vitamin B3) which accelerate cell renovation and rejuvenation. In addition, the glands of the body are stimulated to produce more testosterone which is also very important for the process. All this helps the penis to gain more new cells and tissue faster.

Quality Products

  • Herbal Products: Andropharma supplements components are herbal ingredients with no health risks.
  • Scientifically Tested Ingredients: Several scientific studies attest the efficacy of the components used for the Andropharma supplements manufacturing.
  • Doctor approved: our products are backed up by prestigious doctors who support their efficacy.

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  • Andropharma Penis

Andropharma Penis

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