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A Treatment for Penis Curvature and Peyronie's Disease

Current studies show that Peyronie’s disease (induratio penis plastica) is an inflammatory disease of the penis where the elastic coat (tunica albuginea) of the penis central sponge tissue (corpora cavernosa) suffers an injury. In consequence, the affected area loses elasticity and when filled with blood does not stretch, but rather causes the penis to curve in the direction of the scar. Peyronie’s disease is the most common cause of excessive penis curvature.

The process begins with the oxidation of various fat and protein molecules which leads to inflammation of the tunica albuginea and corpus cavernosa. This eventually continues until the collagen fibers are replaced by non-elastic fibers which forms the fibrous plaque (hardened nodules) characteristic of this disease.

These plaques can be felt under the skin, usually on top or sometimes at the sides of the penis. Mostly they dissolve themself naturally, but sometimes they persist and over time cause:

  • abnormal curving of penis (often upwards);
  • erectile dysfunction and/or pain during erection;
  • shortening, loss of girth and/or malformation of penis (indentations, bottlenecks, hourglass shape);
  • sexual problems caused by anxiety and psychological problems.


Currently available treatments are still not entirely successful and mostly just help alleviate the symptoms of Peyronie’s disease . For the less complicated cases and initial stages of the disease numerous drugs and compounds (most are anti-inflammatory or anti-sclerosing) are used and tested. If the penile curvature persists in later phases of the disease, when the pain has already subsided, it is necessary to resort to surgery to correct it. But this treatment is very invasive and can at times produce shortening of the penis that can be up to 4 cm (1.6 inches).
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Urology and andrology specialists are also investigating other non-invasive options. Recently there have been various studies on the effect of penis extenders such as Andropeyronie which use traction force to help correct penile curvature and reduce fibrotic plaques. The results have proven it effective and completely safe in correcting penile curvature.

  • promoting blood circulation and metabolism.;
  • help to relieve pain;
  • decreasing the process associated to fibrous plaques and penile curvature;

Quality Products

  • Herbal Products: Andropharma supplements components are herbal ingredients with no health risks.
  • Scientifically Tested Ingredients: Several scientific studies attest the efficacy of the components used for the Andropharma supplements manufacturing.
  • Doctor approved: our products are backed up by prestigious doctors who support their efficacy.
  • 3-in-1 products: A 3-in-1 formula to achieve the best beauty and health results for men.

Peyronie’s Pills Results

Primary Andropharma Curvature Benefits:

Help to inhibit processes of fibrous plaque formation

The main objective of Andropharma Curvature supplement pills is to give internal support inside the tissues to the external physical procedure done with penis curvature correction device . The principle objective of the antioxidants (vitamin E, coenzyme Q-10) and the antiinflammatory (PABA) included in the formula, is thus prevention of fibrosis and formation of fibrous plaques by obstructing oxidation of fatty acids as well as reducing the amount of fatty acids in the blood stream (carnitine) as these are believed to be the main cause of fibrosis.

Help to Reduce curvature and pain

The antioxidants and antiinflammatory in the formula not only inhibit the mentioned processes of new plaque formation, but also help reduce already existing plaques of fibrosis. Consequentially this helps alleviate the pressure and the pain related to the condition and sometimes even the curvature. When the chemical process is combined with the penis extender treatment the obtained results can be even better.

Promoting circulation and metabolism

Some Andropharma Curvature ingredients (especially cinnamon) have the characteristics of promoting blood circulation of the body and metabolic processes which also elevates the body temperature and fights weariness. In addition, cinnamon strengthens the nervous system and relieves stress. Good blood flow, high body energy and vitality and absence of stress are all very important also for the proper functioning of penis and quality erections.

Additional Andropharma Curvature Benefits:

Testosterone production and sperm quality

Another important aspect of male sexual health is the sexual drive or libido and the quality of sperm, even though it might not be directly connected to Peyronie’s disease problems. Some of the components in the supplement pills (especially vitamin E and carnitine) also have positive impact on testosterone production by the body and the quality (mobility, fertility) of sperm which has a beneficial effect on overall male sexuality.

Overall positive effects

It can be noted that the components of Andropharma Curvature have many positive effects on the entire body, not just the penis. The many antioxidants help protect your health better by processes of restoration, renovation and protection of cells against harmful oxidation processes, and the elevated blood circulation and energy level help against low spirit and stress.

Curvature Correction Pills Ingredients

Besides active components which help against Peyronie’s disease, the completely new 3 in 1 Andropharma Curvature supplements formula includes black pepper extract to stimulate grater absorption of other components by the body and thus increasing their effect.

Andropharma Curvature supplement pills have a halal certificate and are produced with all halal requirements. There are no additives or preservatives added. Ingredients have been tested in scientific studies and show to have positive effects on Peyronie’s disease and are safe to use.


Vitamin E is the most common fat-soluble vitamin and the most important antioxidant in the human body. It promotes healing, prevents scaring and blood clot formation. Its main function is as an antioxidant as it prevents oxidation of basic building blocks of cells and formation of toxic oxidation products. It is strongly believed it has an important role in preventing fibrosis formation by obstructing oxidation of fatty acids in the initial periods of plaque formation. Studies show reduction of plaques and reduction of curvature in many patients when administered with increased dosage of vitamin E, but not all studies are conclusive. Furthermore, vitamin E is also associated with testosterone levels and reproductive capabilities of sperm.

Coenzyme Q-10 – Ubiquinone: ANTIOXIDANT of fatty acids

Q-10 is another vitamin-like fat-soluble compound vital for cellular respiration process which generates energy for the body. It is also very important antioxidant for lipids and proteins and regenerator for other antioxidants such as vitamin E. Like other antioxidants it limits cell damage caused by free radicals by neutralizing them through oxygenation reactions.

Acetyl-L-carnitine: ANTIINFLAMMATORY

Carnitine is another important antioxidant closely connected with B vitamin group involved in restoration and renovation, especially after inflammation. It has an essential role in the lipid metabolism through oxidation of fatty acids as it is responsible for the transport of fatty acids into the mitochondria where the oxidation process and production of energy take place. As it prevents accumulation of fatty acids in the body it has been used in treatments for prevention of fibrosis and has shown itself effective in improving curvature and reducing pain and plaque size. It is also known to have impact on sperm motility making sperm cells more active and thus improving fertility.

PABA – para-aminobenzoic acid: ANTIFIBROTIC

Also referred to as vitamin Bx this compound is an intermediate in the synthesis of vitamin B9. As potassium salt it is prescribed in practice as an antifibrotic agent against Peyronie’s disease to make skin more flexible and soften plaques. It is thought it works by increasing the amount of oxygen in the skin.

Cinnamon - Cinnamon cassia – extract

This famous and popular spice known since antiquity and used for both sweet and savory dishes are in fact pieces of dried inner bark cut of cinnamon trees. The name in several languages comes from the Latin word for tube because of the way it curls up when it dries. It is traditionally considered to promote blood circulation and metabolism and elevate body temperature to give organism more energy, help it fight fatigue and depression, as well as strengthen the nervous system and relieve tension. All the mentioned functions are important for healthy and quality erection.
Black Pepper – Piper nigrum - piperine extract BioPerine©

Black Pepper – Piper nigrum - piperine extract BioPerine©

Another widely used spice – the black pepper not only has excellent culinary qualities, but also contains important and valuable chemical compounds, among which piperine has the quality of enhancing the nutrient absorption by the body and accelerating metabolism which helps better use of other ingredients of the supplements. Andropharma Curvature contain a standardized and tested extract BioPerine© which is proven to increase absorption of nutrients.

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