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Anger can be controlled, see it as the enemy and you can begin to defeat it!

Posted in 5-HTP,5-Hydroxytryptophan,Anger,Anxiety by Head Boy on the February 4th, 2010

The cost of losing your temper

Losing your temper can cost you your life.

This might seem a tad dramatic, but losing your life isn’t just about pushing up daisies, it’s about losing out on relationships, career opportunities, schooling and more. If you are a person who suffers from angry outbursts or loses their temper often you know how destructive this is to your life as well as to the lives around you.

You want to control your temper and keep your anger in-check but you don’t know how. This is why anger is such a vicious cycle as the sheer frustration and helplessness many feel about not being in control of their anger and not knowing when they might lash out is itself a reason to be angry! (more…)

Alpha Lipoic Acid

Posted in Alpha Lipoic Acid by Head Boy on the February 2nd, 2010

Alpha-lipoic acid inhibits nerve damage, including diabetic neuropathy characteristic of diabetic patients.

Alpha-lipoic acid reduces insulin resistance and improves blood glucose balance in diabetic patients.

Alpha-lipoic acid protects the liver from poisoning by environmental toxins, such as industrial chemicals or toxic heavy metals, as well as being used (in injectible form) to save the lives of people who have mistakenly eaten poisonous mushrooms. (more…)

Is your PMS (PMT) making you feel like Jekyll and Hyde?

Posted in 5-HTP,5-Hydroxytryptophan,Depression,Energy / Stamina,PMS,PMT by Head Boy on the January 28th, 2010

Natural remedies for premenstrual syndrome.

Who suffers from PMS?

At least one third of all menstruating women suffer from pre-menstrual syndrome (PMS) or pre-menstrual tension (PMT). PMT and PMS refer to the same condition though PMS suggests a wider range of symptoms than PMT. PMS can last a couple of days to two weeks prior to and during menstruation though symptoms usually subside after bleeding starts.

What causes PMS?

No one knows for sure why some women suffer PMS more than others or why some women don’t appear to suffer from it at all. It is believed to be associated with changes in hormone levels though poor diet, inadequate fitness and stress can exacerbate symptoms. (more…)

Shrink your Enlarged Prostate – One Man’s One Week Cure

Posted in Beta Sitosterol,Prostate Health by Head Boy on the October 12th, 2009

“It felt like I had an orange inside my rectum.”

This is how one man describes the sensation he experienced when he suffered the distressing symptoms of an enlarged prostrate gland. I say ‘had’ because after suffering from an enlarged prostate for more than 2 yrs this man is now symptom free. He experiences no pain on urination, does not feel the urge to urinate frequently, and does not experience leakage and best of all the ‘orange up the butt’ sensation has gone. (more…)

Eat your way to Good Health with Immune Boosting Foods

With Swine Flu spreading across the UK and people becoming sick in vast numbers everyone should be looking to their diet for ways in which they can boost their immune system to fight off and even avoid this pandemic virus.

Our immune systems are better equipped to fight off disease and infection when healthy and strong as well as helping to ensure we aren’t susceptible to them in the first place. When our immune systems are weak we are vulnerable to all manner of illnesses.

Many people think of cleanliness first, when it comes to avoiding disease and infection and indeed government guidelines on avoiding swine flu are to use handkerchiefs when sneezing, wash hands and so on. What they should also acknowledge is the vital role food plays in keeping us healthy. (more…)

Natures Natural Wrinkle Remedy – Shea Butter

Posted in Skin,Skin Care,Smoking / Drinking,Vitamin A by Head Boy on the August 11th, 2009

As the search for the secret to eternal youth continues so too do the effects of pollution, wind and sun on our skin. It is a race against time as life and the elements take their toll leaving skin feeling dry, lacking in lustre with signs of sun damage and wrinkles forming.

None of this appeals to us in this ever increasing image conscious culture. If we can protect our skin from the elements, maintain the moisture levels and heal damage then we can defy the aging process and put off wrinkles for a little while longer. (more…)

Hoodia – Is it real?

Posted in Aliment,Hoodia,Ingredients,Weight Loss by Head Girl on the May 7th, 2009

In 1796 the Botanist Francis Masson wrote about Hoodia;

‘This is the real ghaap of the natives, who use it as a substitute for food and water. The sweet sap reminds one of licorice and, when on one occasion thirst compelled me to follow the example of my Hottentot guide, it saved further suffering and removed the pangs of hunger so efficiently that I could not eat anything for a day after having reached the camp’.

Marloth (1855-1931)

The word Ghaap; that Francis Masson refers to in the above excerpt; is what the Native Africans call all thirteen species of Hoodia.  Nearly all of these species are found in the Kalahari Desert in Southern Africa where, for thousands of years, the San Bushmen have eaten them to stave off thirst and hunger whilst out on long hunting treks¹.  (more…)

Growth Hormone and Youth


Many people believe that Human Growth Hormone can only be replaced via very costly and very painful injections, and surprisingly, they would be right. Actual synthetic Human Growth Hormone can only be administered by injection, and rightly only by a Medical Practitioner. This form of Human Growth Hormone is only given to people who have a growth hormone deficiency or those who are willing to pay for expensive and painful treatment. However, this is not the only solution for those of us who are seeking an alternative treatment, as evidence is now available which maintains that as we get older our Pituitary Gland does not stop producing Growth Hormone, only the rate in which it releases it. Therefore, there are now many oral Growth Hormone Releasers, known as Growth Secretagogues¹, readily available on the market. (more…)


Maca is cultivated in many countries, but only naturally grows in two places; the first being  the Andes Mountains of Peru, where it survives at altitudes of 3500 to 4450 metres above sea level,  apart from Alpine Grasses and bitter potatoes nothing else can survive the severe frost at this altitude¹.  The second place is the Bolivian Andes where it grows alongside several related wild species².    It has a deep pungent smell because of the Glucosinolates that it contains.  Glucosinolates are the compounds that make all forms of the mustard family smell and taste as they do.  Even though Maca can be red, cream, black or purple, no different colour has been proven to have more beneficial properties than another.  (more…)

What is Retinol-A and does it really work?

As we age, the cells that make up our skin become altered and misshapen.  The ability to naturally exfoliate the skin cells on the surface of our skin becomes slower, and the moisture that we were once able to retain slowly dries up.  As this ageing process progresses dead skin cells start to build up on the surface of our skin, which blocks pores and makes patches of skin discolouration visible.  Retinol-A has been found to help reduce this ageing effect, and to also reverse some of the damage that has been done; but how?  (more…)

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