Growth Hormone and Youth

Many people believe that Human Growth Hormone can only be replaced via very costly injections, and surprisingly, they would be right. Actual synthetic Human Growth Hormone can only be administered by injection, and rightly only by a Medical Practitioner. This form of Human Growth Hormone is only given to people who have a growth hormone deficiency or those who are willing to pay for expensive and sometimes painful treatment. However, this is not the only solution for those of us who are seeking an alternative treatment, as evidence is now available which maintains that as we get older our Pituitary Gland does not stop producing Growth Hormone, only the rate in which it releases it. Therefore, there are now many oral Growth Hormone Releasers, known as Growth Secretagogues¹, readily available on the market.

The Pituitary Gland can be found at the base of the brain, and is approximately the size of a pea, it produces many different hormones; the most abundant of these hormones is the Growth Hormone; also known as Somatotropin. Growth Hormone is a protein hormone, made up of 190 Amino Acids, and is one of the Endocrine hormones, like Progesterone, Estrogens, Melatonin, DHEA and Testosterone. The secretion of it from the Pituitary Gland is critical for the growth in Children and metabolism in adults.

At the beginning of our life, and peaking when we reach adolescence, the Pituitary Gland releases Growth Hormone in ‘pulses’ throughout the day. The majority of these pulses are released during REM sleep, (Rapid Eye Movement Sleep), this normally occurs just after we have fallen to sleep. After adolescence the amount of Growth Hormone released decreases rapidly, approximately 14% per decade, until it eventually stops being released completely. But is this forever?

In the early days of Growth Hormone discovery, the substance was physically extracted from Cadavers and sold on the Black Market to athletes for performance purposes, and rich people wanting the ultimate youthful looks. However this was extremely dangerous, not only for the diseases that the Cadavers were potentially carrying, but also for the athletes that were only in their twenties. At this age these Athletes were still naturally producing Growth Hormone in their own right, and therefore introducing double the amount of Growth Hormone into their bodies, which was enhancing their athletic capabilities, but leading themselves into a blind future of the unknown side effects that may or may not happen. With this new Black Market booming, scientists decided there must be a better, more natural way, for the body to keep secreting Growth Hormone for a longer period of time.

“In 1975 it was found that Morphine initially increases Growth Hormone levels, then causes them to decline. That same year, researchers found that we all have ‘natural’ morphine in our bodies. In the same year Dr. John Hughes synthesized natural Morphine. It turned out to be two Pentapeptides (5 Amino Acids). They called the substance Enkephalin. Enkephalin caused the natural release of Growth Hormone”². This was a major breakthrough.

“In 1977 – Dr. Roger Guillemin was awarded the Nobel Prize for his work on Growth Hormone. Guillemin discovered the two hormones that are known to control Growth Hormone. Both originate in the hypothalamus. One is called Growth Hormone releasing hormone (GHRH) and the other is Somatostatin. GHRH stimulates Growth Hormone release, while Somatostatin inhibits it. The discovery of these hormones marked the recognition of auxiliary substances that would affect Growth Hormone Status, and initiated a search for the perfect secretagogue”²

“In 1979 Momany and Bowers of Tulane University came up with a peptide that was active orally. This hexapeptide (6 Amino Acids) was known as “Growth Hormone Releasing Peptide-6”. This was to become the launching pad for other, more potent secretagogues”²

Since these discoveries in the 1970’s which show that Growth Hormone can be released by Secretagogues, scientists have worked tirelessly to find the ultimate combination of Peptides, Amino Acids, Minerals and Vitamins. From these studies it is now known that Estrogens, Testosterone, Amino Acids, Arginine and Ornithine all enhance the release of Growth Hormone, and the Vitamin Niacin (B3, Niacinamide) also enhances Growth Hormone by reducing Free Fatty Acids.

So, how does the Secretion of Growth Hormone help us? Well, it is known that taking Growth Hormone may; Decrease Body Fat; Restore Muscle Mass; Restore Hair Loss; Thicken the skin, therefore reducing wrinkles; Increases energy; Increases Sexual Function; Elevates Mood; Improves Memory; Assists Wound Healing; Improves Vision, and Restores Hair Colour.

¹Secretagogue – That which stimulates secreting organs.

²James Jamieson; Dr. L.E. Dorman; Valerie Marriott. Growth Hormone: Reversing Human Aging Naturally. The Methuselah Factor. Fifth Edition.