How to get white teeth that would make even your grandma proud!

Why do we pay so much attention to our smiles?

Good teeth have always been a sign of good health and affluence in Western culture. They are also one of the first things we tend to notice about people if there is something wrong with them. Thus, not having a perfect white smile can lower a person’s confidence and result in them shielding their mouths when they talk etc. Yellow teeth can result in low self –esteem and reduced confidence levels.

What causes teeth to go yellow?

Some people are naturally blessed with beautiful white teeth and they manage to retain that sparkly white smile most of their lives. However, many of us are not that lucky. Today’s modern diet and lifestyle is very anti-white teeth with coffee and smoking among the top offenders when it comes to staining teeth yellow.

In addition, some people have yellowish teeth naturally. Genetics as such does have a role to play in the hand you are dealt when it comes to your teeth. We cannot use tooth stain removers to clean naturally yellow teeth. In these cases, people who want to turn their yellow teeth white tend to remedy the problem with an expensive cosmetic option such as veneers etc. Teeth also tend to go yellow as we get older, but that is part of the natural aging process and also not one we can do too much about.

Natural methods for whitening teeth – foods that remove teeth stains

Note: It is wise to clean your teeth properly after using any of the natural food remedies listed below as they mainly remove the stains on your teeth due to their acidic nature thus removing the acid after it’s done it’s job is essential in order to prevent tooth and gum decay and other possible related problems.

Raw vegetables

Eating raw vegetables such as carrots and celery can help keep teeth stains at a minimum due to them being mildly abrasive. The raw vegetables literally brush against our teeth as we chew, rubbing off recent stains and keeping our teeth whiter in appearance.

Baking Soda

This is one of granny’s favorite teeth whitening remedies and it has been around for donkey’s years! Baking soda is helpful at removing stains and killing bacteria.


Apparently Catherine Zeta Jones removes the stains on her teeth (veneers surely?) using strawberries. However, it is almost certainly the case you should clean your teeth after sweeping a cut strawberry across them, to remove all acid and sugary traces, which might later damage your gums and tooth enamel.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Wiping your teeth (after you have cleaned them) using a clean washcloth with some extra virgin olive oil is supposed to remove teeth stains. Some people who have tried this home remedy report good results but others less so.


Some people use Peroxide by gargling with a low concentration of Hydrogen Peroxide, then spitting it out, and cleaning their teeth afterwards. I would suggest using this only on the advice of your dentist as it might be harmful to your gums/teeth if applied incorrectly. In addition, as some women use Peroxide to bleach their hair it also occurs to me I would not want to put this particular remedy in my mouth! It is however, one of the ingredients in the more expensive teeth whitening products available from dentists so (upon specialist advice) could work!