How to Know Whether Your Testosterone Levels Are Over the Top in Beast Mode

The hormone that gives a man a manly feeling is testosterone. It promotes healthy sex desire, bone density, and muscle growth. So How to know if testosterone is high? First, observe the warning indicators listed below:

First, examine your physical appearance. Do you have a chiseled frame and visible muscles? Less body fat and more muscle mass may result from increased testosterone levels. So, it is likely that your testosterone levels are excessively high if you appear to be a Greek deity.

Second, pay attention to how you’re feeling and acting. Do you have an air of assurance, assertiveness, and dominance? A higher testosterone level might cause an aggressive disposition and increased confidence. Yet it’s crucial to remember that excess testosterone can also cause erratic behavior and mood changes.

Thirdly, think about your sexual prowess. Are you always planning on having sex and available at any time? Improved sexual function and a healthy sex drive can result from high testosterone levels. However, it’s essential to remember that other factors may also affect sexual function, so consult a healthcare provider if you’re experiencing any issues.

And finally, examine your hair. High testosterone levels may accelerate the growth of the body and facial hair. Hence, your testosterone levels may be extremely high if you have a thick beard and a hairy chest.

Get a blood test last. Your testosterone levels can only be accurately determined in this way. You might have high testosterone if your levels exceed the typical range.

Many benefits can come from having high testosterone levels, but it’s essential to remember that anything in excess can be harmful. For instance, having too much testosterone can result in heart disease risk, hair loss, and acne. Moreover, it could lead to male infertility and decreased sexual desire.