Men’s High Testosterone Symptoms: What to Watch Out For

Scientist hold test tubes with blood sample for Testosterone (Total and -Free) test. Healthcare or medical concept. Sex hormone.

Testosterone, a vital hormone for men, affects physical development, sexual function, and overall health. Some symptoms to watch out for may signal excessive testosterone levels in men, even though testosterone levels might vary from person to person. How do you know if a man has high testosterone, then? The following points should be remembered:

First, consider his outward appearance. Higher testosterone levels in men may result in a more muscular and well-defined physique. Moreover, they could have a deeper voice, thicker body hair, and a more defined jawline. It’s essential to remember that physical characteristics are not a 100% accurate forecast because genetics and lifestyle decisions can also have an effect.

Second, keep an eye on his attitude and actions. Males with high testosterone levels may behave more aggressively and domineeringly. Moreover, they could be more competitive and confident. Nevertheless, much testosterone can cause irritability and violence, so watching for behavioral changes is crucial.

Lastly, think about his desire for sex. High testosterone levels in men may result in stronger sexual desire and interest in sexual activity. Also, they might have more robust and longer-lasting erections and increased sexual performance.

Observe his energy levels, fourthly. Men’s energy and stamina levels may increase with high testosterone levels. They are also more inclined to exercise and recover from physical exertion more rapidly.

Get a blood test last. The only technique to measure testosterone levels precisely is this way. A man may have high testosterone if his stories of the hormone are higher than average.

Although having high testosterone levels might have several benefits, it’s important to remember that anything in excess can be harmful. For instance, having too much testosterone can result in acne, hair loss, and an increased risk of heart disease. It may also lead to male infertility and a decrease in sex drive.