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"Last year my shoulder started developing sharp pains in it. As it began to worsen I started seeing a chiropractor twice a week hoping for some relief. The chiropractor suggested that maybe I was sleeping in a wrong position and sold me expensive pillows which did nothing to alleviate the pain that was escalating. My shoulder worsened to the point that I no longer had enough strength to even open a jar. I was told about the patch and decided to try it. After using it about one week I heard that moving it around on the foot could help different parts of the human body that corresponded to reflexology points of the foot. I decided to try putting the patch on the shoulder part of my foot and also on my shoulder. The pain in my shoulder decreased each day I used the patch and after four days the pain completely left my shoulder. It has been two months now and my shoulder is now pain free. My arm has gained most of its strength back again and I can tackle even the most stubborn jars and open them. I am thankful to have found such a easy solution to my problem."
- Cheryl

"I tried the patches for the first time last night. The patch that was on the sole of my left ankle was a blackish, slimy brown. This ankle has been diagnosed with severe arthritis. My ankle has never felt this good first thing in morning, since I can't remember when. I'm very excited about these patches and will continue to use them. I'll admit, I didn't expect such immediate results. They are a God-send."
- Mitch

"I had suffered with excruciating back pains on regular occasions. In attempts to reduce the pain I tried heating pads, muscle relaxants, topical creams, and massages... but nothing seemed to help. My wife introduced me to the Takara Patches and I put one right on the spot of my back pain. The next morning my pain was gone... and the patch had absorbed a lot of black sludge!! I am so impressed with the results!"
- Kevin

"I'll confess that I tried some of those imitator patches out on the market. Not even close to the same results! The Takara Patch is by far the king of the detox foot patches."
- F. Smyth

"The evening that I was introduced to the Takara Patch toxin patches I had an inflamed red watering eye, my vision was poor and it was one more thing added to my long-term chronic health problems. Within two days of starting to use the toxin patches, both eyes were clear, my vision was excellent -- better than ever -- and my eye no longer watered!"
- Sarah

"I'm a singer. I got a sore throat so bad that it also seemed like it was going to turn into a very bad case of the flu. I had to sing on the weekend. I put the patches on the area of my foot that corresponds to the throat and neck area, and over night my sore throat and other symptoms of the flu were gone. I went and did my gig... no problem."
- Edwina Flynn

"'Wow' is all I can say! At first I didn't believe all the hype about the effectiveness of foot detox patches. But after actually using the Takara patch, and seeing all that goop come out of my body and actually having my chronic migraine headaches disappear... I am now a true believer!"
- Christina

"When my partners first told me about the Takara Patches, I couldn't help but feel a bit sceptical. The first night when I went to put them on my feet, I noticed the instructions also indicated that I could put the patches on other parts of my body. So I put one on each foot and then one on the side of my neck which had been stiff and sore for some days. Imagine my surprise when I woke up the next morning -- not only with the pain in my neck gone, but with my full range of motion restored. Who would have thought? All I can say is, get me more of that stuff! I am sold!!"
- Shelley

"I have rheumatoid arthritis and have been walking with crutches with the knee pain for 3 years. After using the Takara Patches for 2 days, I noticed the shift in energy and then after 3 days of using them I went out shopping without the crutches. I had no pain and I just felt much better."
- R. Muhammad

"From November 1967 to June 1969 I was stationed at Ton Son Nhut Air base in South Vietnam. My barracks was not more than 50 feet from the perimeter road on the south side of the air base. Every night a tanker truck filled with agent orange would come by every two or three hours and spray the perimeter road with this foul smelling stuff to kill the weeds and any vegetation growing close to the perimeter so we would have a clear range of fire in the event of a ground assault. Needless to say the Air Force in it's infinite wisdom did not realize or more likely than not, didn't care that they were spraying AMERICAN AIRMAN with the most toxic synthetic poison ever known to man (DIOXIN), even to this day. I almost died, I got so sick. They had to give me a shot of morphine so big I was unconscious for 4 days. As I was starting to drift off I heard the doctor tell the medics to take me back to my billet and dump me in my bunk and go back and get me in three days because I would be gone anyway. Well I fooled them! Anyway, dioxin causes neuropathy. It's a nerve disease that causes severe pain in the feet legs and throughout the entire body. When you try to walk it's like walking on nails and broken glass. I have been unable to walk unassisted without a cane for about three years and I was almost completely bed ridden form August to the middle of November this year. I was so desperate I went to the internet and began searching for Toxin. I found your site and read the information and figured, " What do I have to lose"? So I ordered two boxes of your patches. The first night I applied them to the entire soles of both of my feet. Welllll!!!!! The next morning as I peeled off the patches I was greeted with the blackest, stickiest, gooiest, and I do mean stinkiest patches I have ever seen. After washing my feet, for the first time in three years I got up and walked over to the sink without any pain in my feet. I thought this is weird, so I walked in to the family room and said to my wife " guess what , I don't have any pain in my feet". She looked at me like I needed to see a shrink. I have not had any pain in my feet since that day, but I must tell you that people who have been severely poisoned or who have been exposed to toxic chemicals over an extended period can expect to treat themselves for at least a month and maybe more. So be patient. You will begin to feel better within eight hours if you have pain in your feet. I did, and I have one of the worst poisons known to man in my body.
With my sincerest heartfelt... thanks! From a loyal life-long satisfied, extremely grateful customer."
- Robert Pompeo

"I tried some of the other patches on the market, but I have to say that only the Takara Patch truly gave me the results I wanted. Not only did they clean out the impurities that were floating around in my body - as proven by the lab analysis. But it also gave me a truly unexpected result as well. I have been having the most restful night sleeps that I have had in decades. However the patch did it, my chronic sleep disorder has all but disappeared. Maybe it was because of all those toxins that were inside of me. Thank you ever so much."
- Rebecca

Each Pack Contains 10 Foot Patches

10 Patches - £31.35
20 Patches - £47.04. Save £15.66
30 Patches - £58.80. Save £35.25


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