Maca Female (High Strength 1000 mg)

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Maca Female 10:1 Extract.

Maca Female (Lepidium Meyenii) is a dehydrated vegetable plant which produces a radish-like root in a multitude of colors, ranging from white to black and purple. The area where the Maca Female root grows is probably one of the most difficult places in the world to grow vegetables, with an extremely inhospitable climate, but Maca Female has somehow thrived where nothing else could.

The rich soil located at these high plateaus of Peru where it is very cold and oxygen poor may account for the high levels of trace minerals found in maca root. Some Peruvian Indians of today still grow it in the same traditional way without pesticides or chemicals.

Maca Female contains significant amounts of amino acids, complex carbohydrates, vitamins B1, B2, B12, C and E and minerals, including calcium, phosphorus, zinc, magnesium and iron

What is Maca Female?

Lepidium meyenii, known commonly as maca, is a plant and root vegetable native to the high Andes of Peru and Bolivia.It is the root which is used in Food Supplements.

What Does Maca Do?

The nutritional value of dried maca root is high, similar to cereal grains such as rice and wheat. The average composition is 60% carbohydrates, 10% protein, 8.5% dietary fiber, and 2.2% fats.

Maca is rich in essential minerals, especially selenium, calcium, magnesium, and iron, and includes fatty acids including linolenic acid, palmitic acid, and oleic acids, and 19 amino acids, as well as polysaccharides.

Maca's high concentration of proteins and vital nutrients, including a chemical called p-methoxybenzyl isothiocyanate.

Maca Tablet Size Comparison

Does Size Matter?

Our customers love Maca Female and the benefits it gives but we always received the following feedback "The tablets a bit big. Can't you make it smaller?". So we have. The tablet is now a quarter of the size of the original but still delivers 1,000mg of Maca.

What's The Difference Between Herbal Extracts & Whole Herb Formulas?

The simple difference is that the "whole herb", "full spectrum", or whatever term a company may use is essentially the chopped up plant put in the pill... it's just the whole, unadulterated herb (or whatever part of the herb is listed on the label such as root, leaves, etc).

A standardized extract is generally considered a step up from the whole herb, as it has a higher concentration of one or two nutrients that exist in the herb's natural, raw state. It’s like comparing an orange to a Vitamin C pill in some ways, as an orange has Vitamin C in it, but the pill is an exact amount of the single nutrient Vitamin C.

A concentrate is kind of half way between those two options, as it is a higher potency than the whole herb, but it’s not set to an exact level of any active nutrient. It’s like comparing the orange juice concentrate in the freezer aisle of the grocery store compared to the regular orange juice in the refrigerated section; they’re both orange juice, but the one in the freezer is more concentrated so it fits in a smaller container (which in pill form would amount to a larger dose offered in a smaller pill).

What Our Customers Think

  • Taking Macafem means I don't get hot flashes anymore which is great
  • I am now feeling much more calm and the hormonal changes seem to be much less intrusive and don't really bother me. Truly wonderful.
  • Good. Overall improvement, better skin, better condition
  • Helped stop hot flushes and night sweats, really good, I've recommended them to friends and family
  • I absolutely think this product has been beneficial to me and I am about to re order 2 bottles
  • Yes it has really helped making me more balanced, calm and happy
  • Stops my partners mood swings and helps with her menopause symptoms
  • Good for wellbeing
  • Banished hot flashes, and helped with vaginal dryness. Also seems to improve mood
  • It has dramatically reduced my hot flushes. In fact, at times they have stopped all together!!!

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  • Maca Female (High Strength 1000 mg)

Maca Female (High Strength 1000 mg)

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