ProEndorphin - The instant energy, all-day endurance cocktail

Need energy? Get Proendorphin.

Proendorphin is an effervescent cocktail designed to deliver energy you feel in minutes. With a combination of B vitamins and amino acids (Supplement Facts on the right), Proendorphin is a healthy way to energize your life. Proendorphin’s effervescent delivery allows the nutrients to take effect quickly, supplying you on the spot with energy, endurance and stamina.

  • Empower your workout
  • Get a headstart in any competition
  • Perfect for that afternoon pick-me-up
  • B vitamins and amino acids are a healthy, natural way to energy, endurance and stamina

Use Proendorphin before your workout and get a jolt of energy to perform at your best. You can also use it during your workout to enhance your stamina or after you’re done to maintain your energy levels.

Unlike other energy supplements, the caffeine in Proendorphin has a natural source. The only caffeine it contains comes from the Kola nut, a seed derived from the Kola tree that is used traditionally to combat mental and physical fatigue. Plus, with Proendorphin, you get ginseng, nutrients like DMAE and Inositol, and a full complement of powerful B vitamins.

The Esquire Magazine commented on ProEndorphin in February 2004:

“Within minutes of mixing the Tang-tasting powder with water and drinking it, I have the desire to complete every task I’ve been avoiding for the past several months and do sets of push-ups in between. It’s a nicely amped feeling, with none of the jittery highs and jolting lows of less-refined stimulants like caffeine or guarana.”

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